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Legend tells of a secret that lies on the edges of the G4-LXGR system known to many only as "Galxagar". Some think it to be a pristine artifact, while others believe it is a weapon of great power. No one knows for sure, but many leave civilization in search of Galxagar and its glory. But they seldom return, and when they do they return scarred and numb, whispering and muttering in tongues unheard. Their condition speaks one warning: "Don't go to Galxagar".

You, however? You believe you are stronger. With nothing but your wits, your ship, and a food supply, you set out... in search of Galxagar.

Galxagar is an arcade style space shooter reminiscent of the hit arcade titles of the  70's and 80's. You play the role of a space adventurer in search of the mythical treasure of "Galxagar". Along the way you will encounter the Archons, a group of deities tasked with defending their priceless treasure. Defeat them and their hordes of minions, and you too may bare witness to Galxagar's awesome treasure. 

- 15 different ships to unlock and pilot, each with two weapons
- A myriad of enemies, bent on your destruction!
- 8 fierce bosses known as the 'Archons of Galxagar'


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $2 USD. You will get access to the following files:

GALXAGAR v1.1.rar 19 MB
GALXAGAR v1.2.zip 7 MB
GALXAGAR v1.3.zip 7 MB
GALXAGAR v1.4.zip 8 MB
GALXAGAR v1.5.zip 8 MB
GALXAGAR v1.6.zip 37 MB
GALXAGAR v1.7.zip 39 MB

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